Travel this time of year is normal for most people. But what do you do when you face DUI charges in a state or country you don’t live in?

Buffalo and all western New York can be incredibly picturesque in the wintertime and is a draw for not just tourists but for families across the country. However, if you face a DUI in New York, but live anywhere else, you must understand one important thing:

DUI law between states is complicated

From state-to-state, DUI laws share similarities. Zero tolerance laws and .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) and fines are familiar features that mostly align with each other. This is by design. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is an organization that supports this push towards nationwide consistency, endorsing what is called the Interstate Drivers’ License Compact.

The stated goals of this compact between states is to:

  • Exchange driver information between states
  • Hold drivers’ accountable for actions taken in other states
  • Consolidate all drivers’ history into singular records accessible to all states

This would mean that any action, from a speeding ticket to a drunk driving charge, will affect you at home even if you face charges in another state.

However, the compact is an agreement and not all states have signed on to it; not every state fully employs its principles, and the penalties for a DUI still vary regarding license suspension, fines and possible jail time. The effect is that DUI law across the country is basically similar, but the administrative effects on any single person charged is vastly non-standard.

You have questions, get the right answers.

You might want to know if your license will be revoked across stateliness or if you’ll face the fines for a first offense in New York or if a prior offense in your home state will factor into a DUI in Buffalo. These are questions that you deserve to get answers for from a skilled attorney with decades of experience defending DUIs. Uncertainty when it comes to your ability to drive is not an option