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Numerous speeding tickets result from police operation

When police conduct specific operations, it is common for multiple people to find themselves in trouble with the law. In some cases, the trouble may be relatively minor, such as facing speeding tickets after a crackdown. Still, tickets can have negative repercussions for drivers, and many may want to consider their options for fighting against them.

It was recently reported that a police crackdown took place as part of the New York State Speed Awareness Week. The crackdown involved officers going out on increased patrols in efforts to catch drivers who were speeding or committing other violations. The operation lasted a week and resulted in 85 traffic summons in a specific area. It was noted that of those 85 tickets, 77 were for speeding.

New York man charged with DWI after accident on Route 33

A Buffalo, New York, resident was charged with drunk driving and fleeing the scene after causing an accident on Route 33. On Sunday, July 21, 2019 around 2:15 a.m., he crashed into another vehicle while driving the wrong way on a road, endangering the driver of the other car and himself. The operator of the car struck was taken to Erie County Medical Center for non-life-threatening injuries.

Aggravated charge likely has man looking into DWI defense

Dealing with the repercussions of a mistake can take a toll on anyone. If a person faces criminal charges for driving while intoxicated, it can come with a number of potential consequences. Of course, anyone in this type of predicament can work on a DWI defense in efforts to lessen those potential negative outcomes.

One man in New York will likely have those potential outcomes on his mind after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that an officer conducted a traffic stop due to a vehicle and traffic violation while the man was traveling on I-90, but it was not detailed what the exact violation was. The officer then apparently suspected that the man was intoxicated, but it was not clear what gave rise to this suspicion.

New York man likely looking into DWI defense after crash

Being involved in a car accident can be frightening, and for some, the situation may only become more nerve-wracking if police officers believe that a driver was under the influence at the time of the incident. Facing a charge for drunk driving can have serious repercussions, and most individuals hope to avoid negative outcomes of such cases. Fortunately, creating a DWI defense can often prove useful.

One driver in New York will likely be looking into his defense options after recently being charged. According to reports, the 25-year-old man was driving a motorcycle at approximately 2 a.m. when he ran into a tree. The motorcycle then flew into the air, came back to the ground and struck a flag pole. The man was thrown from the motorcycle.

What traffic violation did an officer accuse you of?

Traffic stops are common events that many drivers see as they travel the roads and that they may find themselves in at some point. The outcomes of these stops may vary as officers could let some drivers off with a warning, issue a ticket or citation, or even take a driver into custody if officers believe that he or she committed a more serious crime, like driving under the influence.

Of course, if you receive a traffic ticket, you may simply consider it an inconvenience to your day. Still, a ticket could come with hefty fines or other consequences, and you may feel as if it was not even warranted. Fortunately, you have legal options even when it comes to fighting back against a traffic ticket. First, it is important that you understand the violation of which an officer has accused you.

Waiting possible when trying to fight traffic tickets

Getting pulled over by police for an alleged traffic violation can be frustrating for any driver. Of course, individuals have the opportunity to fight against traffic tickets if they feel it suits their situations. While this may seem like a simple step to take, it can prove complicated to take legal action in any event.

One man in New York undoubtedly understands just how difficult taking this step can be but likely also understands its importance. Reports stated that the man has waited nine years to have a court date set for the traffic ticket he received in 2010. Apparently, the man had utilized an arm signal to indicate that he was changing lanes, but a police officer stopped his vehicle and wrote him a ticket for not using his vehicle's turn signal.

Woman likely exploring DWI defense options after felony charge

It can sometimes take just moments for a person to wind up in a difficult predicament and then take months or years to address the effects of the ordeal. This type of outcome is not unusual for individuals who have been charged with DWI. A momentary lapse in judgment or driving error could raise the suspicions of police officers, and drivers may then need to put a considerable amount of time and effort into their DWI defense presentations.

One woman in New York is currently facing such a difficulty after recently being charged. According to reports, officers purportedly saw the woman driving her vehicle on the shoulder of the road. The officers presumably conducted a traffic stop and found that the driver's passenger was slumped in his seat and apparently intoxicated.

Do not allow alcohol to make you a statistic this summer

Along with commemorating those who sacrificed their lives for our country, Memorial Day welcomed in the patriotic summer holidays. Many New Yorkers took advantage of the first long weekend to gather at the cabin, catch fish and share a few drinks with friends. But unfortunately, for some, it was also the time to face a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge.

With Memorial Day behind us and the Fourth of July right around the corner, the summer months present various opportunities to get out and celebrate. However, celebrating your freedom should not put the safety of other drivers at risk.

Crash puts driver in need of DWI defense

When not in their right state of mind, individuals can often make choices that they later regret. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption can impair decision-making abilities, and as a result, a driver may end up traveling the wrong way on a road. When this happens, not only could a serious accident occur, but the driver could also end up needing a DWI defense.

It was recently reported that a head-on crash took place in New York, and alcohol is considered a contributing factor. Apparently, a 37-year-old man was traveling the wrong direction on a northbound bridge when his vehicle collided with another vehicle. The incident apparently did not result in serious injuries to either driver as they both reportedly did not wish to receive medical treatment.

Speeding tickets issued in New York school zone

There are many areas and certain times where police may enforce the law more heavily. For instance, authorities often crack down on violations that occur in school zones, and it is common for speeding tickets and other citations to result. In some cases, police departments may even set up specific detail assignments to target these areas.

It was recently reported that New York State Police troopers conducted such a detail in one county's school zones. The detail apparently lasted one day, and during that time, officers handed out 23 traffic tickets. Of those tickets, 22 of them were for speeding. Officers hope that these enforcement assignments will help target distracted drivers who are going too fast through school zones.

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