When police conduct specific operations, it is common for multiple people to find themselves in trouble with the law. In some cases, the trouble may be relatively minor, such as facing speeding tickets after a crackdown. Still, tickets can have negative repercussions for drivers, and many may want to consider their options for fighting against them.

It was recently reported that a police crackdown took place as part of the New York State Speed Awareness Week. The crackdown involved officers going out on increased patrols in efforts to catch drivers who were speeding or committing other violations. The operation lasted a week and resulted in 85 traffic summons in a specific area. It was noted that of those 85 tickets, 77 were for speeding.

The report also stated that one individual was taken into custody for reckless driving after allegedly traveling 85 mph on a roadway. He was reported as being 18 years old. It was reported that another enforcement effort is scheduled to take place in September as schools get back in session.

Speeding tickets may not seem like a major issue to some, but it could be worth the effort to take a closer look at a particular case for others. If New York drivers ticketed in this operation or at other times want to fight back, they may wish to look into their legal options. Consulting with attorneys experienced in combating traffic tickets may be useful to those who are interested in giving their predicaments a closer look and in gaining an evaluation of their particular circumstances.