Many travelers use navigation apps or other GPS systems in order to get directions to their destinations. However, some navigation apps have become so user-friendly that they allow users to add alerts along their routes, including when police may be nearby or even for DWI checkpoints. Of course, these tips may not prevent a person from needing a DWI defense, but some still believe apps should be banned from allowing such alerts.

It was recently reported that police officers in New York have sent a cease-and-desist letter to Google, who developed the GPS app Waze. The app allows users to put in their desired destinations and to receive alerts to various issues they may come across along the way. However, Waze does not put in this information. Instead, app users have the ability to input data regarding police presence and checkpoints in order to alert other app users who are traveling a similar route.

Understandably, the authorities believe that the users being able to warn other drivers about roadblocks and checkpoints is dangerous. Google claims that the user input ability is so that drivers can be aware of speed traps, which the company also claims will help drivers be more careful and make safe decisions while driving. It was unclear whether Google would heed the cease-and-desist request.

Of course, even with alerts, drivers can still face traffic stops and suspicion of DWI. If this happens to New York drivers and they face charges as a result, it may prove wise for them to consider their DWI defense options. Consulting with experienced defense attorneys may help individuals address their cases.