Fighting Speeding Tickets In New York

The state of New York implements a surcharge of around $90 on every speeding ticket as a way of generating more tax revenue. So, if you are ticketed for going 11-20 mph over the limit, it is possible that your total cost for the ticket could be between $250-$400. When you add that cost to the potential effects of New York’s points system for traffic tickets, the consequences for a speed limit violation begin to carry more weight.

Maybe you believe you were going the average speed, matching other traffic, and there was nothing unsafe about your driving. New York is an “absolute” speed limit state, meaning it is illegal to drive over the posted speed limit for any reason. That said, there may be a way out. Our top-rated traffic ticket lawyers at Trbovich Law Firm can help. We defend people against traffic tickets every day in the greater Buffalo area.

You Can Fight Your Ticket

It is possible to fight absolute speeding tickets. For example, you may have a case if you were speeding because of an emergency (such as dangerous weather) or if you can prove an officer’s faulty equipment in tracking your speed. For this, you will need a careful examination of evidence and thorough representation. We offer years of experience and a proven track record of success when it comes to fighting speeding tickets across the state of New York.

Reach Out To The Turbo Team

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