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Drug Possession Charges Are Not Simple Matters

Your drug-related case — and your future — hinges on what the prosecutor can prove regarding the details of your situation. The prosecutor may, for instance, try to prove possession with the intent to sell. With years of experience and a committed, zealous attitude, the attorneys at Trbovich Law Firm will provide the best possible defense and fight for your future in the face of drug possession charges, or any other criminal matter you face.

The Details Make A Difference

The penalties for drug-related charges can vary drastically. Differences in penalties for a drug possession conviction versus a drug sales conviction can be a matter of years in jail. In New York, for example, unlawful possession of marijuana up to 25 grams incurs no jail time, whereas conviction for selling up to 24 grams can mean up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Other examples of drug-related penalties:

  • Heroin and cocaine possession — Knowingly possessing 500 milligrams or more is a Class D felony, the penalty for which can range from probation to a maximum of seven years imprisonment, depending on whether it was a first-time offense.
  • Heroin sale — Conviction for selling over two ounces of heroin is a Class A-1 felony and can result in eight to 20 years imprisonment or a fine of $100,000.
  • Cocaine sale — Below 500 milligrams is a Class D felony, whereas selling upwards of 2 ounces or more can be Class B felony and can result in 1.5 to nine years imprisonment with fines ranging between $15,000 and $30,000.

Additionally, drugs not listed, such as ecstasy, crystal meth and illegal prescription medication, all have their varying punishments that depend on weight and intent.

With so much at stake, you should not tackle this situation on your own. Turn to the attorneys with proven results. Call on the Turbo Team to fight for your rights.

We Provide A Tough Defense For Every Client

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