Traffic tickets happen all the time, but timely follow-up, despite any obstacles, is necessary to protect your record and driver’s license.

We’ve previously discussed how to take care of a DUI received out-of-state. Given the current state of affairs, you should consider how to address your traffic ticket without physically appearing in court.

Points against you

Like most states, New York traffic violations run on a point system. Common violations from cell phone use to speeding, range from 2 to 11 points. So, although you have the option to pay the ticket fine from the comfort of your own home and own screen, there can be consequences if the violations stack up. In fact, receiving 11 points in a year and a half span can result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Representation for you

Having a traffic attorney represent you in court will not only make dealing with the aftermath of a traffic ticket a hands-off effort, but it also:

  • Puts a professional at the forefront of your case
  • Diminishes the risk of losing your license
  • Could help you dodge higher insurance rates
  • Aids in avoiding arrest (if you ignore the ticket and receive another violation)

Whether New York traffic courts are experiencing a closure, or you are from out of state, there are measures your attorney can take to help you plead not guilty in a timely manner.

If the courts aren’t operating during regular business hours, your attorney can schedule a Traffic Violations Bureau hearing online via New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles website. And, if you can’t physically attend the hearing once it’s scheduled, typical traffic violations won’t require you to do so if you have a traffic ticket attorney.

Hiring a lawyer often pays itself off, so don’t let court closures or other obstacles leave you with driving record points you don’t deserve.