It can sometimes take just moments for a person to wind up in a difficult predicament and then take months or years to address the effects of the ordeal. This type of outcome is not unusual for individuals who have been charged with DWI. A momentary lapse in judgment or driving error could raise the suspicions of police officers, and drivers may then need to put a considerable amount of time and effort into their DWI defense presentations.

One woman in New York is currently facing such a difficulty after recently being charged. According to reports, officers purportedly saw the woman driving her vehicle on the shoulder of the road. The officers presumably conducted a traffic stop and found that the driver’s passenger was slumped in his seat and apparently intoxicated.

The driver allegedly declined to participate in field sobriety tests and chose not to submit to a breath test. It was noted that she has two prior DWI convictions on her record, and as a result, the DWI charge stemming from this event is a felony allegation. Now, her case may be more complicated to address.

Of course, despite additional complications, the woman still has the ability to create and present a DWI defense as she pleases. Though she has apparently been in this type of predicament before, she may still find it useful to fully explore her legal options before making any decisions on how to move forward with her case. Obtaining reliable information from local New York legal resources could prove valuable at this time.