Getting pulled over by police for an alleged traffic violation can be frustrating for any driver. Of course, individuals have the opportunity to fight against traffic tickets if they feel it suits their situations. While this may seem like a simple step to take, it can prove complicated to take legal action in any event.

One man in New York undoubtedly understands just how difficult taking this step can be but likely also understands its importance. Reports stated that the man has waited nine years to have a court date set for the traffic ticket he received in 2010. Apparently, the man had utilized an arm signal to indicate that he was changing lanes, but a police officer stopped his vehicle and wrote him a ticket for not using his vehicle’s turn signal.

The driver decided to fight the traffic ticket because using hand and arm signals is an accepted way to signal driver actions according to the New York State DMV Handbook. However, the man had to wait until there were at least 10 other cases happening before he could have his day in court. Now, his time has come to take action against the ticket, and he hopes that the ticket will be dismissed.

Fighting traffic tickets may not seem worth the effort, but penalties for these violations can have lasting results and monetary impacts. As a result, New York drivers may want to consider their legal options, even if it might take some time for their cases to move forward. It may be wise for drivers in this predicament to consult with attorneys experienced in this area of law.