There are many areas and certain times where police may enforce the law more heavily. For instance, authorities often crack down on violations that occur in school zones, and it is common for speeding tickets and other citations to result. In some cases, police departments may even set up specific detail assignments to target these areas.

It was recently reported that New York State Police troopers conducted such a detail in one county’s school zones. The detail apparently lasted one day, and during that time, officers handed out 23 traffic tickets. Of those tickets, 22 of them were for speeding. Officers hope that these enforcement assignments will help target distracted drivers who are going too fast through school zones.

It was noted that this is not the first school-zone enforcement that has taken place this year. Earlier, 21 traffic tickets were issued in a similar enforcement in another area. These tickets had a larger variety of violations associated with them, including speeding, seat belt violations, distracted driving and possession of marijuana. It is likely that more of these enforcement details will take place in other areas and other times during the year.

Speeding tickets can come with more complications than a person may think, and some New York drivers recently ticketed may wonder about what they should do regarding their tickets. Certainly, paying the fines or handling any other penalties is an option, but some parties may feel as if the ticket was unjust or would just generally prefer to defend against it. If so, they may wish to consider their legal options for taking such action.