Along with commemorating those who sacrificed their lives for our country, Memorial Day welcomed in the patriotic summer holidays. Many New Yorkers took advantage of the first long weekend to gather at the cabin, catch fish and share a few drinks with friends. But unfortunately, for some, it was also the time to face a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge.

With Memorial Day behind us and the Fourth of July right around the corner, the summer months present various opportunities to get out and celebrate. However, celebrating your freedom should not put the safety of other drivers at risk.

Traffic incidents reported after Memorial Day weekend 2018

Many Americans enjoy alcoholic beverages on holidays. And while the goal is usually to have a good time, too much alcohol can quickly turn a celebration into a somber event.

Law enforcement officers (LEOs) often increase sobriety checkpoints and the number of patrol cars on the roads during holidays, and the reports are often staggering. For example, over Memorial Day weekend 2018, New York LEOs reported:

  • Issuing over 13,000 traffic tickets
  • Responding to 154 crashes which involved injuries
  • Investigating eight deaths related to motor vehicle crashes
  • Arresting 237 people for drunk driving

It is too early to report the statistics for Memorial Day 2019. Yet, at least three people lost their lives over the holiday weekend this year, allegedly at the hands of a drunk driver.

By choosing a designated driver, turning to a ride-sharing service or spending the night with your friends, you can avoid becoming a statistic over the Fourth and Labor Day. And by staying off the roads when you have been drinking, you can prevent your family from having to commemorate the loss of another loved one.