During various times of the year, various police departments put special focus on particular stretches of road or on specific violations. Most New York drivers have likely seen DWI roadblocks around certain holidays or have seen multiple police officers staked out on certain highways while on the lookout for speeding vehicles. When these operations are in place, it is not unusual for numerous speeding tickets and other citations to result.

It was recently reported that New York State troopers conducted an operation in which they increased the focus on speed enforcement. Their efforts focused on a portion of I-684. The report indicated that the operation coincided with the NYSP’s desire to make sure that highway safety remains a priority.

During the operation, which apparently lasted one day, troopers issued 51 tickets to drivers. Though the tickets were for various violations, like distracted driving, 45 of the tickets involved speeding violations. It was noted that other speed details had also been conducted earlier this year and last year, each resulting in dozens of tickets being issued to drivers.

While troopers may be working to ensure roadway safety, some New York drivers may take issue with the speeding tickets they received. Fortunately, they do not simply have to accept the tickets and deal with the resulting consequences. Drivers do have options for fighting against tickets, and individuals interested in taking such action may want to explore their available legal routes. It may also be prudent to discuss their specific cases with experienced legal professionals.