When a person faces criminal charges and has been convicted on similar charges in the past, it is likely that the potential repercussions of new charges will increase in severity. However, charges do not necessarily mean that a person is guilty. Still, it may be even more important for individuals to focus on their DWI defense strategies, especially if they have been convicted for such an offense before.

One woman in New York will certainly want to make sure that she understands her charges and legal options after a recent arrest. According to reports, the woman was in a stopped vehicle on the side of Interstate 190 when state troopers approached the vehicle. She reportedly told the officers that she had run out of gas, but authorities believed that the woman was intoxicated.

The report went on to state that the woman had been court-ordered to have an ignition interlock device on her vehicle but that she was driving a friend’s vehicle that did not have the device. Sobriety tests and a breath test were apparently administered, and the results indicated that her blood alcohol concentration level was .16. As a result, the woman is currently facing charges for aggravated DWI, using a vehicle without an ignition interlock device and endangering the welfare of a child. Authorities say the 18-month-old child was improperly restrained in the backseat.

The DWI defense that the woman presents, if she wishes to do so, could help her reach agreeable outcomes to her case. She faces the possibility of increased punishment if the court convicts her of the charges. Though she may feel unready to address her predicament, she may feel more in control if she obtains information and assistance from local New York legal resources.