It is not unusual for drivers to have mixed reactions to what counts as speeding. Some people may think that going a few miles over the speed limit is not a big deal, and others may think that they can ignore regulations for certain areas, like school zones, because the limit is so low. However, breaking the limit in any way could result in speeding tickets.

It was recently reported that a driver in New York was pulled over for speeding in a school zone. Apparently, the woman was traveling over the 15-mph limit, but the exact speed her vehicle was traveling was not given in the report. An officer stopped the vehicle and apparently discovered that the woman was driving on a suspended license.

The suspensions had reportedly resulted from failure to pay a state-required fee after she was apparently convicted of other traffic offenses, including DUI. As a result, the woman was taken into custody on charges of speeding in a school zone, aggravated unlicensed operation and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. At the time of the report, the woman had been released from custody with a pending court date.

Speeding tickets and other traffic violations can have a serious impact on a person’s driving abilities and other aspects of his or her life. The woman involved in this New York case may want to take the time to explore her legal options for defending against the allegations brought against her. Obtaining information from local legal resources may give her a better idea as to how to do create a meaningful defense.