After the loss of a close friend, family member or comrade, grief can feel overwhelming. When experiencing such feelings, some individuals may not make the best decisions because their judgment is clouded and because they are in pain. Still, some less-than-stellar decisions could lead to criminal charges if police suspect a person of wrongdoing, like drunk driving.

It was recently reported that a firefighter in New York was taken into custody for DWI. Apparently, the man was leaving a fellow firefighter’s funeral when his vehicle reportedly struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian was apparently on a sidewalk when the incident occurred. That person did not suffer serious injuries in the accident, and further details regarding how the event occurred were not given in the report.

Authorities came to the scene, and when asked to submit to a breath test, the driver reportedly refused. As a result, he was taken into custody on charges for refusal to take a breath test and driving while ability impaired. It was unknown at the time of the report whether the man had obtained legal representation, and it was not mentioned whether he was still in custody.

Though grief and other emotions can make individuals act out of character, they often still have to answer for their actions. The man accused of drunk driving in this New York case will certainly want to find the best way to handle his current predicament. Information regarding the charges brought against him and his possible defense options may help him as his case moves forward.