New York drivers could face citations for many reasons. From moving violations to parking violations to issues with a vehicle, traffic tickets are often the bane of many drivers’ days. Some may simply think about taking the ticket and paying the fine, but it is important to remember that individuals do have the option of fighting these tickets.

There are various reasons a person may choose to fight a ticket, and the defense will depend on the type of ticket issued. For instance, if a person receives a parking ticket when parked at a meter, he or she may be able to argue that the meter was broken. This defense may be most effective if the driver can prove that he or she tried to pay through all accepted methods of payment and tried to obtain a parking receipt from a nearby machine.

Another parking-related ticket could result if a person is parked illegally. In some cases, this may happen if a vehicle breaks down and the driver has no other option but to leave it where it stopped. If a ticket is issued during that time, the driver may be able to fight against it if he or she can prove that the vehicle was disabled and that it was moved from the location as soon as possible.

No one wants to receive traffic tickets of any kind, but they do happen. In some cases, they may happen despite a driver’s best efforts to remain within the confines of New York law. When drivers do receive tickets, they may want to make sure they fully understand the reasons behind the citation and determine what legal options are available for fighting against them.