When people are in a hurry, they may take seemingly harmless shortcuts in hopes of completing their tasks more quickly. In some cases, drivers may want to go over the speed limit or take other actions that could save some time. However, it is common for these actions to be against the law, and they could result in traffic tickets.

It was recently reported that New York drivers could end up with tickets if they start their vehicles and then leave them unattended. According to a recent report, leaving a running vehicle unattended violates the state’s Vehicle and Traffic Laws. It also means that drivers may be making their vehicles more appealing to individuals who want to steal them.

There has apparently been an increase in thefts of vehicles that have been left running with the owners not around. Often, the thieves are young, do not have licenses and lack driving experience. As a result, other individuals on the roads are put at considerable risk of being involved in an accident due to an inexperienced driver in a stolen vehicle. Issuing tickets for unattended and running vehicles is apparently an effort to reduce the number of thefts of these vehicles and, by extension, the accidents that often result. 

Of course, these traffic tickets can greatly impact drivers who have done nothing other than try to keep their vehicles warm or who only need to run inside for a moment. Fortunately, New York drivers who have received such tickets have the opportunity to defend against the charges. Rather than simply accepting the citation and paying any fines or dealing with any other consequences, ticketed drivers may first want to review their legal options.