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Traffic Ticket Ninja

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Award Winning DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Trbovich Law Firm, our founding attorney Thomas D. Trbovich is a former assistant district attorney. In fact, all of our attorneys have worked in the DA’s office. Our Turbo Team even includes a former police officer. The insight we bring to the table proves invaluable in crafting your strongest defense. Who better to defend your charges than someone who has seen the other side of the system?

Why Go Turbo?

We get more acquittals and help more drivers charged with DWI keep their licenses than many other firms.

We provide aggressive DUI/DWI and criminal defense representation throughout Western New York.

We can also help you slash traffic tickets throughout all of New York State.

Why Fight Tickets?

The Traffic Ticket Ninja knows why:
  • Keep your driver’s license privileges.
  • Keep insurance rates from rising.
  • Keep your good driving record intact.

You can depend on us to attack your traffic ticket case aggressively.


CDL In Danger?

Our lawyers can fight DWI/DUI charges and any other criminal charges that put your commercial driver’s license in jeopardy. We work with truckers in Buffalo throughout New York State. If you rely on keeping your CDL to make a living, call the Turbo Team. We also assist people with other types of professional licenses who are facing DWI or DUI charges.
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